Last Saturday of the year we celebrated my granddaughter's sweet sixteen, the service was amazing the guest were impressed with the service they received, the venue looked majestic their help and coordination was spectacular and what more can I say, well with a venue in every street corner in Miami Dade, this one Ritmo was definitely the correct choice. I take my hat off to the administration, service, entertainment, DJ and everyone that had anything to do with my Granddaughter's Party. Thank You for giving her the night of her life, a night she will remember dancing away with all her guest enjoying themselves. What more can you ask for, she had it all.
AMAZING PLACE! Okay, I have so many good things to say about this place. First of all the owner Jose and his staff are amazing. Jose worked with me based on my (very small) budget to add and try to get all I wanted to have for my cousin's bachelorette party. We did not even know each other, and he helped me as if I was one of his personal friends. It is great that even the owner makes you feel like home and gives you a great deal. EVERYTHING was included on the prices, when I said everything is everything. When we got to the venue on the day of the surprise party, they had already set everything: tables, lights, bar, main cake table, center pieces, light, decor, disco balls, music... everything! We got there with many stuff and decor thinking that they would only put basic stuff, but no.. they added everything! which was great because basically the room was 95% ready for the party (the other 5% was the bachelorette decor), it was very impressive, specially the red carpet outside. Staff was very nice, professional and properly dressed. The server and bartender were fantastic. Also, on our small budget we could not hire a DJ. However, Jose himself and his nephew volunteer to arrange some music and acted as DJs, it was beyond great! the sound in the venue is very good, it felt as a night club with the music and lights. I am more than confident to recommend this venue to anyone. I would definitively would do another party there! THANK YOU GUYS!!!
They are awesome the best party planners
Ritmos Party Center, what a great place!!!! I planned a surprise for my husband's 50th Birthday and I have to say, I never expected such a great party. Jose, the owner and his staff really makes you feel special. The food was great, all our guests complimented us the whole night. The music and the atmosphere were also amazing. I really felt that they wanted for us to have a great time and we did!!!! All I can say is thank you for an unforgetable Time!!!!!!
I highly recommend this venue for your next event and corporate party , birthday
Amazing party, amazing place and the most amazing staff. Jose and his team did a superb job. They go the extra mile to accommodate your requests to make your party amazing. Friendly bartenders, the photo booth staffer was a cheerleader on every picture, the food was very good and the DJ did a great job. I highly recommend Ritmos!
The pass very well and good for meetings